Fast Fact About Redistricting Prisoners

Little vs. LATFOR is a case in the NYS Supreme Court challenging LATFOR's refusal to adhere to redistricting reforms that would count prisoners in the districts that they are from.
Fact Background: 

In 2010, a bill (Part XX) attached to the revenue budget was signed into law.  This bill required that prisoners in New York State be counted in the districts from which they originated, thus ending so called prisoner gerrymandering.  The challenge then becomes where to count prisoners.  The census does not collect data on where they are from, and so the responsibility falls on LATFOR (The New York State Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment) to release a data set for redistricting that county prisoners in where they are from, rather than in the prison.  LATFOR has refused to comply with Part XX, and so there is currently a New York State Supreme Court case, Little vs. LATFOR, that seeks to settle this issue.



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