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‘The Capitol Pressroom’ with Susan Arbetter

Colby Hamilton
Thursday, March 8, 2012


If the state constitution were a used car, would you want to see the Car Fax? While the constitution has been overhauled several times, no one has really looked under the hood since 1938. There are plenty of people who think it’s time for a tune-up, but three constitutional mechanics have determined that the time has come for a selective re-build.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, the New Roosevelt Institute’s Bill Samuels, and Dr. Gerry Benjamin of SUNY New Paltz comprise the Citizens’ Committee for an Effective Constitution. They want your input! Their mission is to restore “New York State’s reputation as the national policy leader by uncovering outdated New York State Constitutional provisions that have contributed to statewide dysfunction”.

A new poll out from Siena College held two pieces of bad news for unions like CSEA. First, that voters overwhelmingly support pension reform for state workers. And second, that voters also support the Governor proposing the aforementioned pension reform. What’s a union president to do?  CSEA President Danny Donohue will share how his union is trying to reframe the issue on today’s show.

No, bananas don’t grow in the backroom of the local Price Chopper. But kids could be forgiven for thinking that. Most of us are more disconnected from our food and the farms that produce that food than we would like to be. But there are reasons for that — Mara Schechter of Food & Water Watch says a Fair Farm Bill Campaign could bring everyone closer together and fix what ails the country’s farm policy.




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