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Bill Samuels To Gov. Cuomo: Release Your Campaign Finance Plan Already

Ken Lovett
Thursday, February 28, 2013


Government reform activist Bill Samuels is calling on Gov. Cuomo to release and push for a specific campaign finance plan “immediately.”

“What is he waiting for?” Samuels, the co-founder of Effective NY, said in a statement. “It is time for him to lead, not just talk like he did on independent redistricting.”

Cuomo called for the public financing of campaigns and tougher disclosure laws in his state of the state address last month, but has yet to outline exactly what he’d like to see done.

Samuels plans to travel the state talking about the issue.

Here is the full release:

Bill Samuels, founder of the reform Albany organization New Roosevelt and co-founder of Effective NY, today called on Governor Cuomo to announce a specific plan for Campaign Finance Reform immediately and lead a concerted effort for its passage during the current Albany legislative session. More than a month into the current legislative session, Cuomo has only talked about the issue but not put forward a specific plan he will fight for.
“What is he waiting for? It is time for him to lead not just talk like he did on independent redistricting.”
Samuels put forward the challenge last night during a talk to the Ben Franklin Democratic Club in the Bronx. They echo remarks Samuels made last week at the Ansonia and Park River Independent Democratic Clubs.
Samuels also announced that he would be taking the message around the state, meeting with New Yorkers from Manhattan and the outer boroughs to Buffalo and in between to hammer home the critical importance of the reform issue and the need for the Governor to announce his plans, campaign for his approach and allow for a vigorous debate amongst the citizens as well as Albany lawmakers, Democratic and Republican. Samuels will also discuss his own innovative approach to solve the campaign finance issue by allocating a portion of the proceeds generated from casino gambling to fund a finance system.
“Where is Governor Cuomo on Campaign Finance Reform? Where is his bill?” said Samuels. “He can’t do what he did on redistricting which is not present a plan or vision of his own and then wait until the last minute to pass a flawed bill for which he has no responsibility. He needs to present his plan, then campaign and fight for it.”
“New Yorkers deserve leadership from their Governor on this issue. There are a few approaches out there from public financing to an idea that I presented last month to use Casino Gambling cash to fund a campaign finance systemthat could solve the problem and get corporate money out of politics.”
“Key is that the issue needs the Governor to lead, aggressively and not sit back and take a ‘three men in a room’ approach. If the Governor tries to once again short-circuit the Democratic process on this issue by waiting to use Message of Necessity, he is doing this state, lawmakers and all New Yorker a disservice.”
“If Cuomo can get a substantive Campaign Finance Reform bill passed in Albany, it could be a model for the rest of the nation and a significant step forward in the fight to rid the system of corrupt money. But it can only happen if the Governor presents a plan and leads.”



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