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Cuomo urged anew to veto legislative district lines

Dan Janison
Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here's some sharp blowback to the recent Albany reapportionment actions, from independent-redistricting activist Bill Samuels of the New Roosevelt Initiative:

The proposed redistricting compromise hatched in Albany is a bad joke, but it isn’t funny and must be rejected by Governor Cuomo.

Using outdated Constitutional language and mathematical formulas from 1894 to justify adding a State Senate smacks of Skelos-Cuomo(?)-Silver “three men in a room” type of deal that have long hobbled reform in Albany.

At Effective NY, we have posted the three tortured and contorted mathematical methods from the 1894 Constitutional language that the leaders in Albany are using to avoid creating a 21st Century solution to this once every decade redistricting conundrum. It is a weird, confusing and disingenuous solution to the issue.

It is a breach of faith on behalf of elected officials in Albany and if the Governor is serious about reform, has one choice—veto the deal. Allowing the deal to pass continues to put the power to draw future legislative districts in the hands of self-interested legislators instead of in the hands of a truly independent process.

Anything less than a veto and the Governor loses claim to being a reformer of the dysfunctional Albany process.



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