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Effective NY's Samuels: Moreland Commission should ask campaigns about how they raise money from corporations, LLCs

Robert Harding
Thursday, September 26, 2013

A good government advocate is asking the Moreland Commission appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to look into the methods used by statewide campaigns to raise money from companies who do business with the state.

Bill Samuels, co-founder of EffectiveNY, said the commission should ask "very detailed and specific questions" about the tactics used by campaign staff to raise money from corporations, LLCs and other major donors.

"I find it hard to believe that 779 corporations, and all opaque LLCs just picked up the phone and said, 'We want to make a campaign contribution to the governor's re-election campaign or the state party committee," he said.

Samuels also said the Moreland Commission should use their subpoena power to "follow the money."

"If we are to truly understand how money influences not just politics but the actual governing and legislative process, the Moreland Commission must be able to use all available powers to call to before them the top campaign fundraisers for all statewide elected officials, the Governor included," he said.

One of the areas the Moreland Commission will focus on is campaign finance. According to the commission's website, they will investigate "campaign financing including but not limited to contribution limits and other restrictions; disclosure of third-party contributions and expenditures and the effectiveness of existing campaign finance laws."

The commission has started to hold public hearings throughout the state. The first hearing was in New York City. The commission also held a hearing in Albany.




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