Proposed Legislative Amendment on Executive Powers

Amendment Purpose: 
1967 Constitutional Convention Amendment: Grants authority to the governor to reorganize state government, subject to legislative veto
Summary of Amendment: 
  • Gives Governor greater flexibility to reorganize state government departments, subject to disapproval by either house of legislature. 

Article VI

State Departments & Office & Public Authorities

Section 3. The article also describes the powers of the governor and the legislature to reorganize departments and agencies of the state. The governor may submit a reorganization plan which takes effect unless disapproved by either house of the legislature. The state board of social welfare is continued, with its name and powers to be determined by the legislature. A reorganized public service commission is constitutionally established for the regulation of utilities and other public service enterprises. It is to consist of seven members, four of whom are to be appointed by the governor and three of whom are to be elected by the legislature by joint ballot.

Legislative Amendment Text: 

Article VI

State Departments & Office & Public Authorities

§ 6. The legislature may establish, reorganize or abolish the departments and agencies of the state, except as otherwise provided in this constitution. The governor may also exercise such powers by submitting plans for such purposes to the legislature in regular session on or before the first day of February in any year, and every such plan shall become effective as law on the date specified therein unless either the senate or assembly, within sixty calendar days of such submission, by resolution of a majority of the members elected thereto, has disapproved the same. 

Legislative History: 

In 1967, the New York State Constitutional Convention proposed a whole new Constitution that contained this provision and these changes to a vote of the people of the State of New York at the General Election asking "Shall the proposed new Constitution, adopted by the Constitutional Convention, and the Resolution submitting same, be approved?"  The Constitution as a whole was voted down by the people, which included these changes. 

Learn more on our page devoted to the 1967 Convention.  The Proceedings of the Convention are available from the New York State Library and you can download; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-position: 100% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; "> a PDF copy of the Constitution proposed by the 1967 Constitutional Convention.




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